Recipe: Healthy Lunchbox Jars for Kids

Healthy Lunchbox Jars

By Aliesha @ My Little Village

Healthy and enticing lunchbox ideas can be a bit of a challenge. Many schools and day-care centres have restrictions on the types of food items our kids are allowed to bring along, and now there's the issue of plastic packaging. I'm all for sustainability, but I love convenience too! So I whipped up this healthy and tasty wee number to share with you! This little jar also comes with an easy to use lid that pops on and off - it cost me a few dollars from Storage Box New Lynn.

For school kids - it can be prepared and refrigerated overnight, or even stashed away in the freezer and popped straight into the lunchbox to defrost by midday. For kindy - you can place this into the 'refrigerator box’ at the beginning of the day.

It takes about 10 mins to make, but making half a dozen or so at a time would be a great idea!

This recipe is for 1 Little Jar which holds 1/2 a cup of liquid.

- 1 Weetbix
- 1/3  medium size banana
- 1 tsp Blue Coconut Oil

Crush the Weetbix and blend with Blue Coconut oil and banana.  Spoon into jar and pack down.

- 1 tsp custard powder
- ½ cup coconut milk (try Sogood)

Mix together little by little, to form a smooth consistency. Then heat through for 1 – 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until it thickens slightly.  Pour into your jar and let cool.

- 1 tsp Aotearoad Basil Seeds
- 1 heaped TBSP coconut yoghurt (try The Coconut Collaborative NZ)
- 1 diced or smashed strawberry

Mix together then spoon on top.  Top with a strawberry slice and optional 100% natural coloured GF Sprinkles by Mrs Rogers.  Refrigerate until chilled.

Titirangi based Aliesha, founder of My Little Village, is a mum of two, who loves creating and sharing healthy food options and recipes with her Instagram and Facebook followers.

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