Cooking with Coconut Oil

Use Coconut Oil exactly the same way you would use other cooking oils!

Our coconut cooking oil has a delicate, nutty flavour without a strong coconut taste, making it ideal for cooking with. Use it to sauté, pan fry, deep fry or roast vegetables, fish, or meat.

In baking, you can substitute it for butter or margarine in most recipes. Get inventive and spread it onto bread or toast, blend it into smoothies or stir a little into your morning porridge and enjoy the health benefits.

With Blue Coconut cooking oil you are guaranteed a fresh, non-hydrogenated oil that will last in the pantry or kitchen without becoming rancid, or oxidised, for about 2 years!

Why is Coconut Oil so Good to Cook With?

The taste

Blue Coconut offers two coconut oil products. One is commonly called refined and the other is Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

The primary difference between the two:

  1. The refined coconut oil has no taste or aroma (tasteless, odourless) making it an excellent cooking oil as you can dictate the flavours of your food without interference and it has a high smoke point of 232° celsius. The refined oil provides a crispness to your fried or roasted food, and a creaminess when added to smoothies, porridge or baking. Because our refined oil has the coconut flavour evaporated off, it will appeal to everyone.
  2. The virgin coconut oil has a distinct coconut taste and aroma which will impart to your cooking. It also has a lower smoke point of 180° celsius. It is important to note that the unique characteristic of coconut oil i.e. the lauric acid content in both the refined and virgin coconut oil are identical.

Coconut oil is very stable

Because Blue Coconut cooking oil has a very high smoke point of 232° celsius, it is fantastic for high heat sautéing, roasting or frying. The stability of coconut oil means it will not go ‘off’, or rancid, as fast as other oils and it will prolong the freshness of your baking compared to other vegetable oils.

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free

Blue Coconut Oil is vegan and ethically produced. During its production, there is no association with machinery used for gluten, or dairy products.The incidence of coconut allergy is believed to be extremely rare. It is not classified botanically as a nut, but rather a drupe.

Cholesterol free, trans-fats free

As coconut oil is a vegetable oil, it is naturally cholesterol free. (Only animals make cholesterol!) Blue Coconut cooking oil is also trans-fats free, as no hydrogenation has been involved in its production.