Coconut oil contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that when applied to broken skin (cuts, bites and stings) it not only soothes and cleans the wound it promotes healing.  

If coconut oil is applied to an open wound it will form a protective layer preventing dirt, bacteria and viruses from invading damaged skin.


  1. For wounds/cuts - assess the wound and if in doubt always contact your Vet for treatment.  You can use the coconut oil to clean the wound and for on-going wound care management.  Coconut oil will assist with healing and will keep the wound clean and free from infection.  Discuss care with your vet. 

  2. Infections/wound management - use coconut oil to fight infection by applying liberally on the infected area.  It will also promote skin and hair growth.  See photos below of Lukas injury before and after.

  3. For bites/stings/sunburn - apply the coconut oil several times a day to soothe the site and to assist with healing and to fight infection.

  4. For dry skin - apply to the skin and massage into coats, manes and tails.  You can mix coconut oil with shampoo to keep manes and tails glossy and shiny.  It is also great to manage tangles in manes and tails.

Lukas injury before

Lukas injury after

Horse – Luka, Owned by Michelle Zielazo

Luka’s leg exactly two months on.  All that has been used since the bandage came off is coconut oil.

No proud flesh at all!  Healing incredibly well and the pink is all new healthy skin coming through.