Coconut oil food supplement for horses and ponies including sport horses (eventing, racing, endurance), aged, lactating mares and horses at rest


SPORT HORSES: 50ml to 100mls per day
PONY CLUB/SHOWING: 30mls to 50mls per day
AGED/GERIATRIC: 15mls to 30mls per day

15mls is one Tablespoon and conversion to grams is 1:1 ratio.

Introduce to the diet gradually over a week then commence full dose.  Mix with feed or serve as is.
Dosage is based on an average horse weight of 500kg; decrease or increase accordingly.


Coconut oil is unlike any other vegetable oil fed or horses, and may provide the following benefits:
  • Increased muscle glycogen storage
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial – for gut health and wellbeing (dysbiosis, acidosis, ulcers, colic, poor condition, lameness)
  • Management of equine muscle disorder (tying up)
  • Non-heating energy source
  • Shiny health looking manes/tails/glossy coats
  • Reduction of excess weight
  • Improved immune system function
  • Used topically it can treat cuts, stings, bites and infections, including MUD FEVER

Note: Coconut oil should never be used as a substitute for any drugs or treatment prescribed by your equine veterinarian. Always work closely with your holistic equine vet when adding a new supplement to the diet.