COCOPET - (Supplement for Pets) DOSAGE


Cats, small dogs, and birds: one teaspoon daily
Medium/Large dogs: one tablespoon daily

Introduce to the diet gradually over a week then commence full dose.  Mix with feed or serve as is.  For fussy pets melt the oil in the microwave and pour over the feed.

  • Reduction or elimination of body odour and bad breath
  • Healthier skin and elimination of rashes, itchiness
  • Better digestion
  • Reduction of excess weight
  • Improved  immune system function
  • Relief for arthritic like symptoms
  • Can reduce the instance of Salmonella in poultry
  • Improved energy and cognitive function

Note: Coconut oil should never be used as a substitute for any drugs or treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. Always work closely with your holistic vet when adding a new supplement to your pets’ diet.