Coconut, Orange & Sugar Body Scrub

Coconut, Orange & Sugar Body Scrub

Make your own: Coconut & Orange Sugar Body Scrub

Well known naturopath and herbalist, Valmai Becker, from Phytofarm Herbal Learning Garden in Banks Peninsula, shares her divine coconut and orange sugar scrub recipe with us.

This recipe is easy to make at home and gives you a luxurious body scrub that will exfoliate and moisturise your skin. It smells and feels fantastic, and is even good enough to eat!

    •    100g raw sugar
    •    50-100g Blue Coconut oil (depending on how dry you like your scrub)
    •    10 drops of orange essential essence (or more, if you prefer)

Mix the ingredients together until blended. It is easiest to make if the coconut oil is melted first and slowly added to the sugar.

Optional extras:
    •    Salt - 50g of sea salt can be added to your scrub. This will make your scrub more drying for your skin, so best only for oily skins.
    •    50g Ground apricot kernels – for a fantastic exfoliating scrub, ground apricot kernels are an excellent addition.
    •    50g dried herbs – calendula or chamomile are good choices.
    •    Orange or lemon zest – zest can make your scrub smell and look wonderful, but they can cause your scrub to go mouldy, particularly if you are using it in the shower. Only add zest to a scrub if it will be used within a week or two.

Orange sugar scrub is great rubbed on your hands, or used all over your body in the shower. It can last for many months in the bathroom. Play around with the amounts of the ingredients to find a combination that works for you. Enjoy!

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