6 Ways to Treat Your Feet

6 Ways to Treat Your Feet

6 Ways to Treat Your Feet with Coconut Oil

Summer is coming, are you ready to go public with your feet?  We often neglect our poor feet, which can result in them being tough and dry, or fungal infections and smells, cracked heals, and all sorts of problems. There can be a lot to overcome before you slip into your jandals for summer!

These, and many other health and beauty issues can be vastly improved using coconut oil.  The antibacterial and moisturising properties unique to coconut oil can have your skin back to soft and smooth within days, literally, from head to toe.

Here are six top tips using coconut oil to get your feet healthy and looking good...

Coconut Oil Foot Cream

Use Blue Coconut’s Organic Virgin coconut oil either on its own, or mix 50:50 with Shea butter and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it.  If you can, try to apply it in the evening so you can leave it on overnight.

  • Warm the coconut oil in your hand
  • Rub all over your feet, focussing on the affected areas.
  • Cover with cling wrap or socks.
  • Leave it on as long as you can, ideally overnight.
  • Repeat daily until condition improves
    Coconut Oil Foot Bath

    Cracked, dry feet respond well to a warm, oily soak.  Again, use pure Blue Coconut organic virgin coconut oil either as it comes, or add your choice of essential oils to the water as well.

      • Add a tablespoon of Blue Coconut organic virgin coconut oil to a warm foot bath.
      • Soak your feet in it and relax for 10 minutes (or more!)
      • When you've finished, gently dry your feet.
      • Repeat daily until condition is gone.

          Coconut Coffee Foot Scrub
          This feels fantastic to apply and smells so good too!  It exfoliates your skin, while leaving it moisturised and soft, plus the antimicrobial properties unique to coconut oil help rid your skin of infection and trouble-causing microbes. You can make larger amounts and store it in an airtight container for several weeks.

            • Mix a handful of used coffee grinds with ¼ cup of solid virgin coconut oil.
            • Apply a generous amount and thoroughly massage it into your feet for several minutes.
            • Rinse off and gently dry your feet.
            • Repeat regularly.

                Antifungal Skin Treatment
                Use this coconut oil/tea tree oil combo if you have a fungal infection such as Athlete’s foot, or ringworm. The antifungal properties of both tea tree oil and coconut oil are effective tools to fight these types of infections.  Bonus benefit - it also eliminates foot odour.

                  • Mix virgin coconut oil with several drops of tea tree oil
                  • Massage into the affected area
                  • Repeat daily until symptoms are gone.

                      Eczema Balm
                      Skin problems of the feet can include Dyshidrotic eczema, which is characterised by small blisters presenting on the soles of the feet and/or palms of the hands.

                      Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, aka medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), and is a good source of vitamin E and K.  This can reduce the itch associated with eczema, prevent the infection spreading and deeply moisturise the skin to alleviate dryness.

                        • Mix two parts coconut oil, with one part turmeric and one part raw honey.
                        • Clean and dry your feet and apply balm generously to the affected areas.
                        • Relax for 15 minutes, then rinse off in warm water.
                        • Repeat every two or three days, until resolved.

                            Nail Treatment
                            Toenail fungus can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. This unsightly condition occurs when a fungal infection develops beneath the nail. Daily treatment with Blue Coconut organic virgin coconut oil helps prevent occurrence and treat symptoms, all thanks to its remarkable antifungal properties.

                              • Mix 20 drops of these essential oils: peppermint, oregano, garlic, clove, tea tree, with ¼ cup of Blue Coconut organic virgin coconut oil
                              • Apply to affected nails and gently massage in.
                              • Wear socks after treatment
                              • Repeat several times per day until resolved.

                                It's important to note...
                                If you are using coconut oil for health and beauty purposes, choose virgin coconut oil over refined coconut oil if possible.

                                Remember to treat your feet well.  Build healthy foot hygiene practices - dry your feet thoroughly, wear clean socks - don’t invite infection along by providing a warm damp environment.

                                Be consistent to get the best results – apply often, don’t skip days.

                                Most importantly, always follow the advice of your doctor and check for any underlying health issues if you don’t see improvements.



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