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  • Recipe: Wild Coconut Pancakes

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    Recipe: Wild Coconut Pancakes
    Wild Coconut Pancakes
    Makes 16 wildly delicious pancakes.

    4 eggs
    1/4 cup Blue Coconut Virgin Wild Coconut Oil
    1/4 cup coconut milk or whole milk
    1/4 cup coconut flour
    2 tsp coconut sugar
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp salt

    1. Mix together eggs, coconut oil, milk, sugar...

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  • Saturated Fat and Heart Health, by Dr Victoria Flight

    0 comments / Posted by Sarah Bell

    According to Dr. Mary Enig, PhD, a world expert on fats, the research over the past 40 years has been quite clear: coconut oil has been shown to be beneficial for heart and health. Dr. Enig reports that the only exception to this has been when hydrogenated coconut oil has been used in studies.  We now know that any oil that is hydrogenated oil is bad for us, due...

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  • Write a Review and be in to Win

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    Review a Blue Coconut Product today!
    If you use Blue Coconut oil, we'd love to read your reviews. You could win a $50 gift voucher to spend in our online shop as our thanks to you! 

    Lets face it, there are so many ways to use Blue Coconut oil.  It's not just us, other people want to know your thoughts, experience and tips as well.  So please, write a...

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  • We Have Moved

    0 comments / Posted by Jane Campbell

    We have been really busy lately putting down new roots. We had outgrown our old factory in Little River so have made the big move to Christchurch. This will enable us to expand our production capabilities bringing more Blue Coconut oil to you.


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  • Coconut oil: Good, bad or fad?

    0 comments / Posted by John Drew

    Miranda Kerr is such an avid spokesperson of coconut oil anyone would think she bathes in the stuff. She drizzles the oil over her salads and even stirs a teaspoon into her green tea.

    The supermodel says she has been taking it since she was 14 and can't live wihtout it.  Miranda Kerr is such an avid spokesperson of coconut oil anyone would think...

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